Basketball Physics Unblocked

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How To Play?

First of all, you need to click on “Click here to Play” so the game will start.

Objective: First team to score 5 points wins

Controls: Z key for Player 1; M key for Player 2


Welcome to the fun world of Basketball Physics Unblocked! Even though it’s called “Basketball Physics”, this game is not about real-life basketball rules or physics. If you want to unlock premium features by acting as a plugin for the game and modifying the code of the game then download prolulubox apk

It’s a funny game with 11 different levels, and it’s sure to make you laugh with its silly version of basketball.

You don’t need fancy computer equipment to play it, and it’s easy to learn the controls. So if you’re ready to enjoy a good laugh, let’s jump into Basketball Physics Unblocked!

What is basketball physics

Put your skills to the test and feel the thrill of outsmarting physics with Basketball Physics! This game offers a unique challenge for all ages, as it combines realistic basketball conditions with challenging objectives.

You must shoot limited basketballs to get better scores on 11 different stages.

The controls are simple – click to jump and throw, use Z and M for Player 1 and Player 2 respectively – so the game is suitable for everyone regardless of their gaming experience.

Plus, you don’t need a heavy graphic card because the sound effects are kept minimal.

Overall, Basketball Physics has been rated 2.8/5 by gamers due its real-life physics engine based on true basketball rules that creates an exciting yet challenging atmosphere.


You’ll love the controls of this game! They are simple and easy to use; just click to jump and throw, or use Z and M for Player 1 and Player 2 respectively.

Developing a strategy and honing your skills will be essential for success in this game, as there’s a wide range of game environments with different levels of difficulty.

The sound effects in the game are also quite immersive, adding an extra layer of fun to the experience.

Plus, you can always replay it over again if you feel like challenging yourself further!


Get ready to jump and throw as you use Z and M for Player 1 and Player 2 respectively! Basketball Physics Unblocked offers players an exciting challenge in a realistic environment.

The game is based on real physics, allowing for a more immersive experience that tests your basketball skills.

You’ll need to shoot limited basketballs with the goal of getting better scores and advancing through 11 different stages.

The controls are simple yet suitable for all ages: click to jump and throw, while using Z and M for Player 1 and Player 2 respectively.

With no need for heavy graphic cards or complicated sound effects, this game is sure to please casual gamers who enjoy fast-paced challenges!

Strategy and Skill

Test your skills and strategize as you progress through the exciting stages of Basketball Physics Unblocked! With 11 different stages, you will need to develop a sound strategy in order to make it through them all.

The game is based on real physics with realistic conditions, so be prepared for challenging shots and tight situations.

You must use your skill and judgement in order to reach the highest scores.

You can practise or compete against family or friends using both players’ controls – Z for Player 1 and M for Player 2.

Make sure you pay attention to the ball’s trajectory, timing of your shot, aiming accuracy, power selection, etc., so that you get the best results each time.

Enjoy this classic basketball experience without needing heavy graphic cards or complex sound effects!

Wide Range of Game Environments

Now that you’ve mastered the strategy and skill required to play basketball physics unblocked, it’s time to take your game to the next level by exploring a wide range of game environments.

You’ll find there are endless challenges and opportunities waiting for you – from classic street courts to futuristic arenas, each with its own unique obstacles and objectives.

Plus, with different levels of difficulty available, you can tailor your experience exactly how you want it! So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and let those basketballs fly!

Sound Effects and Replay Value

Check out the sound effects and replay value of this game for an immersive experience that’ll keep you coming back again and again! The sound effects are realistic, from the swish of a successful shot to the dribbling of a basketball.

It’s perfect for players of all ages, as it’s fairly simple yet still engaging.

The replay value is high too, with 11 different stages and a rating of 2.8/5 based on real physics with realistic conditions.

All in all, this game offers an absorbing experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end!


Yes, the game is compatible with all devices.

It doesn’t require heavy graphic cards and has simple sound effects, making it suitable for a range of platforms.

It can be played on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, as well as other gaming consoles.

The controls are easy to use; simply click to jump and throw, or use Z and M for Player 1 and Player 2 respectively.

This makes it an enjoyable experience across all devices so you can enjoy playing this game no matter where you are!

Yes, there is an online leaderboard for players to compare their scores.

Players can use the leaderboard to track their progress and compare it with that of other players from around the world.

The leaderboard is updated in real-time, making it easy for players to stay up-to-date on their rankings compared to everyone else.

Players can even challenge themselves by trying to beat the top score or aim for a higher rank within the game’s global community.


With its realistic conditions and easy controls, this game makes it simple for anyone to enjoy the thrill of competitive basketball.

The 11 stages offer plenty of challenge, while the sound effects are simple yet appropriate for all ages.

The replay value of the game is good due to its unblocked nature, allowing players to continue playing without having to worry about any restrictions.

All in all, Basketball Physics Unblocked provides an excellent experience that no one should miss out on.

Let’s play!!!